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Brain Corporation is a Qualcomm Ventures portfolio company. Qualcomm Ventures invests in companies in the digital, mobile, and technology space. Qualcomm Ventures portfolio companies include PayPal, Waze, Xiaomi, and FitBit.

Autonomy by Brain

Tomorrow’s robots will be intelligent autonomous machines that clean, move, sort, secure, maintain, and automate our everyday lives. These robots will be produced and sold to end-users by multiple manufacturers – application domain experts but not necessarily AI experts. Brain Corporation provides “autonomy as a service” through a cloud based platform to enable today’s manually operated machines to intelligently navigate our world.

Visual Perception
Autonomous Navigation
Machine Learning
Industrial IOT


Building Brains for Tomorrow’s Robots

Brain Corporation applies expertise in machine learning and computer vision to create intelligent systems capable of functioning autonomously in complex human environments.
We’re building brains for robots, and turning today’s manually-operated machines into tomorrow’s autonomous solutions.



Founded by Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, Brain Corporation has an R&D team with over 20 PhDs in brain modeling, machine learning, computer vision, and robotics.

Dr. Eugene M. Izhikevich

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO

Known for his pioneering work in computer modeling of the brain, Dr. Eugene M. Izhikevich heads product and technology development at Brain Corporation.

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Dr. Todd Hylton

Executive Vice President, Technical Services

As Executive Vice President of Brain Corporation, Todd Hylton leads the Technical Services division of the company.

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Dr. Allen Gruber

Co-Founder, Director

Dr. Allen Gruber is a neuroscientist, physician, and founder of several successful technology companies.

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Mr. Quinn Li

Board Member

Quinn Li is Vice President & Global Head of Qualcomm Ventures. In this role, Quinn oversees Qualcomm’s $1 billion strategic venture investment portfolio of over 140 investments.

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Mr. Harvey White

Board Member

Mr. Harvey White is a co-founder of Qualcomm Inc. Presently, he is chairman of (SHW)2 Enterprises, a privately held firm that consults primarily in the wireless communication field.

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Mr. James Quandt

Board Member

Mr. James Quandt is a nationally recognized business leader who has more than three decades of senior management experience with major corporations.

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Qualcomm Incorporated

Brain Corporation algorithms will unleash new capabilities of Qualcomm’’s Snapdragon processor and pioneer its use in robotics. Brain Corporation is located within the Qualcomm Research Center in San Diego.

About Qualcomm

Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) is the world leader in mobile technologies. For more than 25 years, Qualcomm ideas and inventions have driven the evolution of digital communications, linking people everywhere more closely to information, entertainment and each other.

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Brain Corporation has partnered with DARPA to develop a unique, visually controlled stabilization system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) based on the mammalian nervous system.


DARPA’s mission is to maintain the technological superiority of the U.S. military and prevent technological surprise from harming our national security by sponsoring revolutionary, high-payoff research bridging the gap between fundamental discoveries and their military use.

Over the years, DARPA has worked to enhance our national security by funding research and technology development that not only have improved our military capabilities but have also changed the way we live. Since the very beginning, DARPA has been the place for people with innovative ideas that lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

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University of California, San Diego

Brain Corporation has partnered with UC San Diego Coordinated Robotics Lab and the Rady School of Management to make contributions to our team while learning both the technical and business sides of our operation.

About UC San Diego

UC San Diego is an academic powerhouse and economic engine, recognized as one of the top 10 public universities by U.S. News & World Report.

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